Cancer Brainstorming Club (CBC)

Welcome to the Cancer Brainstorming Club (CBC)



Cancer Brainstorming Series is a discussion group designed to promote creativity and critical thinking among early stage scientists and foster dialogue across physical sciences and biology. The discussions are held monthly with topics chosen (see Past Topics) to combine their knowledge to tackle the most challenging problems in cancer.

 No Professors Allowed

The focus of the Cancer Brainstorming Series is for scientists early in their career to be the sole creative source of the discussion. As part of that model, only undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students are encouraged to attend the discussion. This model also allows students an opportunity to ask questions or propose ideas they may not have felt comfortable doing in front of their advisors.  

Teaching through Speaking

The monthly discussions are led by students. Students select a topic, typically something related to their own work that they know more about. In preparation for the discussion, the student moderator designs questions and sends out supplementary papers for people who may wish for more background before the discussion. However, unlike, journal clubs, the Cancer Brainstorming Series is a discussion with a problem-solving edge. Students interact, challenge, and propose new ideas with one another.

Young Investigator Competition

Through funding from the Cornell Physical Sciences in Oncology (PS-OC), students who participate in the Cancer Brainstorming Club will be allowed to submit a joint proposal for $5,000-$10,000. The project must be collaboration between two labs.

More details will be given when the Fall 2011 Competition opens.