CMM Center Advisory Committee

Center Advisory Committee (CAC)


The Center Advisory Committee reviews overall progress in research, outreach & dissemination education & training, and administration of the Center. This assessment will be set in the context of each committee member’s area of expertise, as these members collectively will represent the core areas of the center.  Key recommendations for future development of the Center will be decided upon by this group, and reports from their meetings will be shared with the Center’s Executive Committee.


The CAC has responsibilities, as directed by the NCI:


  • Review the strategies and mechanisms to develop pilot projects, as needed and approved by the CAC, to bring in expertise outside of the individual PS-OC, as a result of outreach interactions, that will enhance specific efforts of the PS-OC in the overarching PS-OCs framework .
  • Review the procedures and process for establishing Pilot Projects.
  • Review proposals and recommend funding support for Outreach Pilot Projects and Pilot Projects.


The Committee is expected to meet at least two times each year. At the annual NCI site visit the CAC is required to assemble and meet with the site visitors. Other meetings will be scheduled as needed in person or by phone/video conference.


Members (August 2010) 

Michael Shuler           

Principal Investigator and Center Director

Barbara Hempstead    

Senior Investigator

Harold Craighead        

Leader Fabrication Research Core

Ari Melnick                

Leader Epigenomics Research Core

Mariam Eljanne             

Project Manager, NCI

Douglas Lauffenburger

Ford Professor of Bioengineering, MIT

Ann Chambers            

Distinguished Oncology Scientist, London Health Sciences  Center, London, Ontario, CA

Ken Downing               

Senior Staff Scientist, Life Sciences Division, LBL