The education and training component of the proposed PS-OC will focus on two specific audiences: graduate students/postdoctorates from the physical sciences and those from the medical sciences.  To translate the research of the center into a deeper understanding of cancer that will have practical impact, we will create unique integrative training opportunities to meet the needs of these two distinct communities.  Graduate students and postdoctorates at the partner institutions will participate in symposia while also taking core courses that teach fundamentals of cancer biology, nanobiotechnology, and physical sciences.

We have set overarching goals for the Education and Training unit, and we anticipate that these goals will evolve over time as the center grows and matures.  The initial goals for the education and training effort of the PS-OC are:

  • Enhance the process through which graduate students, postdoctorates, and medical scientists are trained at the interface of physics, engineering, and cancer biology.
  • Provide education and training modules that integrate the latest research discoveries of the center and meet the changing needs of the students and  medical scientists.
  • Disseminate broadly the integrative training modules of the PS-OC.  Because of Cornell Ithaca’s strong expertise in nanobiotechnology we will offer a video conference course on nanobiotechnology to all the PS-OC’s funded by NIH.