Outreach Pilot Projects

Our PS-OC has set aside funds for use in “outreach pilot projects”.  The basic concept for these projects is to build the personal relationships and shared ideas necessary to develop and submit pilot projects later.  The focus is on personnel exchanges with investigators outside the PS-OC’s with the goal of broadening the expertise available to the PS-OC and to develop new approaches and insights.  Examples might include sending a post doctoral student to another institution for a month, to hosting a faculty or student visiting the Cornell (Ithaca/Weill) PS-OC, or for a faculty member to visit another group for a short period (e.g. week) or as part of a sabbatical leave.  The goal is to add a new dimension to our work by laying the basis for the regular “pilot projects” proposals.

Proposals can be submitted at any time. One year budgets should not exceed $30,000 total costs. Proposals should be sent as pdf files to Brenda Hans (brs42@cornell.edu) electronically.  They will be reviewed by the CMM PI and SI (Mike Shuler and Barbara Hempstead.  Proposal format instructions are attached.

Please see the file to the right for project guidelines.


  Title Investigators Start Date End Date
Outreach Pilot Project #1 Biophysical Activation of the Vascular Niche: Mechanisms for Leukemia Survival and Relapse Scandura (Weill-Cornell), Rabbany (Hofstra) 1/1/2011 12/31/2011
Outreach Pilot Project #2 In Vivo Assessment of Tumor Progression Seigel (Buffalo) Ksander (Harvard) 1/1/2011 12/31/2011

Outreach Pilot Project #4 Epigenome Dysregulation Biomarkers Associated with the Expression of Adipokines Shuler (Cornell), Joshua Alley MD FAC Sanjay Samy MD 6/1/2012 5/31/2013
Outreach Pilot Project #5 In vivo imaging of invasion and intravasation during colon cancer metastasis  Xiling Shen ( Cornell),Steven Lipkin  ( Weill-Cornell), Nozomi Nishimura ( Cornell), Chris  Schaffer (Cornell) 6/1/2012 5/31/2013

For more information please contact Brenda Hans (brs42@cornell.edu)